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A large PET manufacturer wished to introduce a revolutionary technology that significantly reduced resource consumption during resin production. A foodservice packaging company wished to develop a "superbrand" for their recyclable/recycled content products. Working with marketing, sales, and business teams, I developed the new product positioning, branding strategy, and product name for both organizations.

Strategic Planning

Sustainable Product Line Introduction

One of the world's largest foodservice packaging companies asked me to evaluate their sustainable product line and recommend changes in marketing, branding, and communications strategies. After performing a thorough trend and competitive analysis, interviews were held with sellers, brokers, and customers. Then, new branding and communications elements were implemented.

New Product Branding & Commercialization
Marketing Plan Development & Execution

As a consultant to AMERIPEN, the American Institute for Packaging and the Environment, I developed the strategic outreach plan and managed all branding, marketing, and communications activities since 2010. Included are web development, brochure creation & production, social media strategy & execution, and publicity.

Sustainable Packaging Group Creation

A global conglomerate asked me to help create an internal organization that could market the collaborative sustainability benefits of its 35+ packaging companies, and do so across the entire value chain. The Sustainable Packaging Group was formed, and I handled all branding, marketing, and communications activities.

If you don't know where you're going, any road will get you there.

-- Japanese Proverb

Good strategic planning is counter-intuitive. It starts with knowing what you are trying to accomplish in the future and then working back to the present. We help you set goals and then create the strategies and tactics that logically lead to the desired outcomes. Here are some recent examples of our work.