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Understanding the attitudes, concerns, needs, and opinions of stakeholders is critical to our clients. We work with them to design and deliver research that provides the information they need to successfully create and promote sustainable packaging products. Here are recent research programs we've conducted.

Consumer Ethnographics

Consumers' perceptions regarding the value of packaging are much different than we've been led to believe. By first tracking respondents' food purchases and then interviewing them at home, I was able to provide a client with new ways to promote and design packaging that helps reduce food waste. View a video clip in a related article that I wrote.

Primary Research: Packaging Efficiency

Every few years, I publish A Study of Packaging Efficiency As It Relates to Waste Prevention. Used by life cycle analysts, the EPA, NGOs, and trade associations, this study is the leading source of information regarding trends in packaging efficiency and solid waste generation/recovery.

Secondary Research: Data Analysis & Interpretation

I bet you'd be surprised to learn that the amount of packaging generated today on a per capita basis is less than it was 15 years ago. My clients were so astounded by this information that they asked me to publish it. You can read the article I wrote for Plastics Today.

In Depth Interviews with Experts

A major PET producer asked me to interview the top packaging executives at the world's 10 largest beverage companies. The results significantly changed my client's perspective on both its new product development and long term beverage industry business strategies.

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