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We have researched and created four papers designed to help you develop your critical thinking skills. Each discusses key concepts in a direct, yet simple manner. Easy-to-digest summaries and "crib sheets" are included, along with references.

Reasoning & Logic

It's not just what you say, but how you say it. To reach a logical conclusion, both the content and the context of an argument must be deciphered. Learn how to cut through the rhetoric and get to the core of an issue.

Sound Science

How can you tell if a study's conclusions are valid? Do all of those fancy footnotes really mean anything? Learn how to separate the scientific gems from the unscientific junk.


Statistics are used everywhere. But on average, most of us don't really know our mean from our mode. Learn how to keep the numerical wool from being pulled over your eyes.

Assessing Risk

Local authorities tell you that it's safe to swim in the river and eat the fish. Environmental groups insist that both activities are unsafe. A basic understanding of risk can help you understand both viewpoints so you can make an educated decision for yourself.

....excellent and concise summary/explanation

.... should be required reading for every freshman high school student!

Send it to all universities, as well!

- Dr. Tom Brady

Founder and Chairman Emeritus, PTI

Critical Thinking

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